There are so many ways your donation could directly assist the women and children who call Halton Women’s Place “home” for a critical time in their lives. Here are some opportunities to consider:

  • You can help HWP purchase a new pyjama, slippers and housecoat for a woman who has come to the shelter for safety.
  • Or it can help us to purchase a grocery gift card for a woman who has left her abusive home and starting a new life free of violence.
  • You can help HWP gift a a family a grocery gift card when they leave the shelter.
  • Or your gift can help purchase a bus pass for a woman who may now have to rely on public transit to get around independently.
  • You can help HWP supply groceries for both shelters for one week. In one week, HWP could have to feed up to 52 women and children.
  • Or you could help fund our women’s group meetings that occur once a week in both shelters. HWP often absorbs the cost of transportation and food for these women who desperately rely on these meetings for counselling and community referrals. These meetings directly assist them in their journey of remaining safe and living in a violent free home with their children.
  • You could help HWP maintain our security upgrades.
  • Or your gift could help fund the upkeep of our shelters’ furniture. With hundreds of women and children living in our shelters each year, our couches and appliances get their share of wear and tear!
  • Or you could help the shelters remain a home-like facility with upkeep costs of painting, minor repairs, etc.

Public Education, Advocacy and Awareness. Please visit the this page for more information on how YOUR donation could bring more education about healthy relationships to every class in Halton.

There are so many options that your generosity can assist with! Please call Carm Bozzo, Development Manager at 905-332-1200, ext. 222 or by email at if you would like to fund any of the above or if you would like to assist HWP in any other way. We look forward to hearing from you.