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Message from Laurie Hepburn, Executive Director, Halton Women’s Place


Today, the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women is a time to take action.  December 6th, 2021, marks the 32nd anniversary of the Ecole Polytechnic Massacre when 14 women were senselessly murdered – because they were women and in a violent act fueled by misogyny and anti-feminists beliefs.

Today, we raise awareness, we continue to educate our community and encourage everyone to know the signs of abuse, speak up against harmful behaviours and know how to support someone experiencing domestic violence.

Today- we took action. We chose today to unveil our first of 5 purple benches that will span across Halton.  The first purple bench- Barbs bench- was unveiled today in Georgetown- the first in Halton.  These benches will let women know they are not alone and raise awareness on the prevalence of domestic violence in our communities and the help available. These benches are a testament that we all continue to take action and work diligently and passionately for those who have lost their lives due to gender based violence.

Thank you to everyone who supported this special project, and thank you all for the work you do everyday to support survivors of violence.

Please take some time today to  pause and reflect on the prevalence of violence against women in our society. Let’s remember the women who were tragically taken from us that day and inspire our work as we move forward, each day.

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